Resolutions Your Business Should Be Making in 2012

vancouver marketing trends 2012It’s the time of the year that business owners and office managers are deciding what their 2012 marketing plans and business strategies will be for the New Year.

CastleCS, Vancouver’s expert marketing and advertising agency, have compiled a list of the resolutions you and your business should be making throughout 2012. Including:

Online Social Media Presence: From big businesses to small family-owned shops, creating a solid presence and online following has become essential in today’s world. What is your online strategy? Can potential customers find your business online? Learn more about creating a stronger online social media presence with CastleCS.

Promoting new products/product lines: Being able to sell new and complimentary products to your existing client base will lead to a dramatic increase in profits when executed properly. Invest in products that your patients or clients are likely to purchase in addition to what you already provide. What kind of value-oriented services can you provide to your existing patients, and how will you let them know you are now offering them?

Mobile Sites: Over 80% of North Americans now own a Smartphone and most of these consumers are accessing your website through their mobile device. Is your website or product page mobile friendly? Will potential customers be able to quickly and easily find the information they need on your site through their Smartphone? Learn more about how you can create an easy to navigate mobile website for your business.

Business Video: Investing in business video for your website or online social media presence can lead to more first page Google results. More often, Youtube videos are being displayed in the Organic Search Listings for keywords that you would love to be targetting. In addition, online business video has the power of drawing in more website traffic and keeping visitors on your site for a longer period of time. Learn more about creating business video for your brand.

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